Driving down payment processing costs for retailers.

For decades, retailers have been beholden to settlement networks and banks to provide all the basic methods of accepting non-cash payments. Retailers have had to give up material amounts of margin just to accept card payments, impacting already compressed profits.

LedgerPay’s payment processing solution was built on a cloud-based modern architecture which means the cost of operation is substantially less than legacy payment processors. You get all the traditional payment processing services for a lower fee per transaction.

Adding Value to
Payment Processing

LedgerPay’s payment processing platform provides retailers with fast, highly reliable, and cost-effective processing direct to Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, and the key debit networks with no intermediaries.

Gift Card Activation and Management

Stored Value Card Management

Loyalty Program Management

Card Issuance


Rules Engine to Trigger Targeted Promotions and React to Potential Fraud

Not ready to replace your payment processor? You can still unlock
the benefits of payment tokenization!