Engage with 100% of your customers and turbocharge your loyalty program

Collect and analyze complete order, including line item/SKU detail on every transaction.
Targeted 1-to-1 marketing offers based on actual purchase history for any transaction.
Personalized promotions that drive desired behavior — not discounts for existing behavior.
Communicate with customers through any device — POS receipt, POS screen, phone, and more.
Individually target customers based on actual purchase and category preference data.
Automated, Targeted Promotions
Deliver personalized, actionable offers instantly at time of purchase while customer is still in-store.
Customized promotions increase accuracy, acceptance rates, and profitability.
Data can be shared with CPG brands, creating a new profit center.

Helping brick and mortar retailers transform payment transactions into personalized customer engagement

LedgerPay’s Payments Intelligence™ solution helps merchants instantly learn their customers’ specific purchase and category preference information so that they can leverage real-time marketing promotions and messaging. Unlike loyalty programs, which only engage a small percentage of consumers who opt-in, LedgerPay securely taps data from every transaction, from every customer, in every channel, to create detailed consumer profiles that enable personalization at scale.

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Redefining modern payments

The LedgerPay solution set

LedgerPay is a Payments Intelligence™ platform and data insights company that transforms everyday transaction data into seamless customer engagement for brick-and-mortar merchants.

Find out more about Payment Processing

Find out more about Payments Intelligence™

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 How to Bridge the Gap Between Engagement and Loyalty

Nearly every brick-and-mortar merchant has a loyalty program, but nearly 70% of regular consumers never bother to enroll. This creates a huge blind spot into the purchasing behaviors and category preferences of the majority of customers.  LedgerPay changes all of that – download our new eBook and learn how you can seamlessly and personally engage with every customer who walks through your door whether they are in your loyalty program or not.

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