LedgerPay is disrupting the status quo of payment processing.

Providing brick and mortar retailers with a dramatically more complete and relevant view of customer preferences, while simultaneously making payment options more reliable and cost effective.

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Simple to Integrate Anywhere

Complete Data Insights

Optimized for Azure

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Insulates Against Security Breaches

LedgerPay solves two historically distinct problems with one elegant solution.

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Helping brick and mortar retailers transform payment transactions into profitable experiences.

LedgerPay’s Payment Tokenization solution helps merchants instantly learn specific, definable information about their customers that they can then act upon for marketing, promotions, and inventory purposes. Unlike loyalty programs, which only account for a small percentage of consumers who opt-in, LedgerPay securely taps data from every single customer who used a payment card, making a process that was once a tax now financially lucrative for merchants.

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Collect & analyze complete order, including line item/SKU detail on every transaction.
Targeted 1-to-1 marketing based on actual purchase history for any transaction.
Recommendations and promotions that drive desired behavior — not just discount existing behavior.
Communication with customer delivered to any device – POS receipt, phone, email, etc.
Directly target customers based on actual purchase data.
Deliver personalized, actionable offers and messages instantly at time of purchase or later.
Better targeting increases accuracy, acceptance rates, and profitability.
Profits can be shared with merchants – turning payment processing from a cost center into a profit center.